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  • The Royal Experience Curriculum (Girls Only)

    Girls, we know you want to be your best you! We all do! When we think about being the best versions of ourselves, we probably imagine glamour, decadence, and success. But the best things in life aren’t always the wild ones! The little things count, and this holds true when it comes to poise and…

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  • Think Bigger

    Our fears of change, success and failure can make thinking big very difficult to do. We worry about what lies in the future, we stress about not getting things right, and we concern ourselves with worst-case scenarios.

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  • My TESStimony Blog Chronicles

    With these books, I intend to motivate and inspire those who look like me. I want to help my readers realize that no matter what life throws at you, you can overcome with your personal TESStimony! Use this book as a therapeutic tool to help you restore your life, heal your spirit, and redeem your…

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