Fragrance Reviews

Ahhhh! Ahhh! Gold Roller is spicy, dry, bittersweet smoooooooth blend. Love it. Thank you Tess. ~A.S.~

Eau De Parfum is a true masterpiece. You can compare it to other fragrances, but it really stands on its own. It is a rich floral and vanilla scent. The top smells a bit tarter to me, but the dry down is magnificent. This one is a major projector and lasts forever on my skin. You can smell it the next day. It’s really affordable and worth it. ~Ross~

Eau De Parfum’s lasting scent is amazing; two spritzes on my wrists and I could detect it until late at night. It’s comforting, warm, mellow, and just sweet enough not to be cloying. I will be purchasing another bottle. ~Leah~

I knew when I sw how creative the bottle was, I had to purchase both fragrances. It’s very delicate and sweet. I’m buying two more bottles to give away. Great job Tess. ~Chandy~

I love Gold Roller’s scent. Awesome Tess. You are the best entrepreneur in the world. My inspiration. ~Shay~

I just wanted to support my girl Tess. There’s nothing she can’t DO! Not to mention these scents are WONDERFUL and stays on all day and night. ~Silly Billy~

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