The Royal Experience Curriculum (Girls Only)

Girls, we know you want to be your best you! We all do! When we think about being the best versions of ourselves, we probably imagine glamour, decadence, and success. But the best things in life aren’t always the wild ones! The little things count, and this holds true when it comes to poise and class! I lay down a firm foundation of etiquette and courtesy, and we elevate ourselves to a higher level–one that sets us apart from all others. So if you’re ready to become modern-day royalty, it’s time to return to basics!

Introducing The Elegant & CourTESSy Retreat! This topical reference for manners, decorum, and life skills is a must-have for any girl looking to change her life and focus her strengths in a classy, dynamic, and well-meaning direction.

Course Curriculum: The Royal Experience SEL Curriculum written and published by Contessa T. Walker – Jackson

Course Materials: Journal

Course Rationale:

The Elegant and CourTESSy Retreat is designed to help young girls develop social and personal skills for their future success. Through this retreat, we aim to empower girls to cultivate greater confidence, poise, and self-awareness, which can serve as the foundation for their social, academic, and personal growth.

The SEL curriculum is built around etiquette and poise, essential for building strong interpersonal relationships and navigating social situations quickly and gracefully. The retreat provides a safe and supportive environment where girls can learn these skills, practice them, and receive constructive feedback and guidance from experienced mentors.

At the heart of the retreat is the idea that young girls have the potential to become strong and empowered individuals who are capable of making positive contributions to their communities. The retreat aims to help them develop a sense of self-worth, visual image, and resilience to serve them throughout their lives.

The girls will participate in various interactive and engaging activities throughout the retreat to promote their personal and social development. They will learn the art of proper etiquette, including dining, greeting, and communicating effectively. Through role-playing exercises and posture workshops, they will also learn how to present themselves with poise, confidence, and grace.

By the end of the retreat, the girls will leave with a greater understanding of themselves and their potential. They will also have formed positive relationships with their peers and mentors, which can provide a foundation for continued growth and success.

Course Objectives:

By the end of the Elegant & CourTESSy Retreat, participants will be able to:

• Develop greater self-awareness and confidence, enabling them to navigate social situations more efficiently and with poise.

• Understand the principles of proper etiquette, including dining, greeting, and communicating effectively in various social settings.

• Learn to present themselves with poise, confidence, and grace through ballroom dancing, role-playing exercises, and posture workshops.

• Through interactive and engaging activities, develop essential life skills, including communication, teamwork, and problem-solving.

• Foster positive relationships with peers and mentors, promoting a sense of community and support.

• Develop an understanding of personal values and goals, setting a foundation for continued personal and academic growth.

• Cultivate a sense of responsibility and leadership, encouraging them to become positive community role models.

By achieving these course objectives, participants will leave the retreat with the skills, knowledge, and confidence to navigate social situations with greater ease and grace. They will also better understand themselves and their potential, setting the foundation for continued personal and academic growth.

4 responses to “The Royal Experience Curriculum (Girls Only)”

  1. This sounds like it has many old-fashioned ideas and standards for women, but, in a world where women seem coarser and more masculine, being classy has been lost. No one seems to know what etiquette even is anymore, which often makes me cringe. While I don’t want to raise my daughter to be traditional, I do want her to be well-mannered, classy, and able to hold her own. I will definitely be getting this and holding on to it for when she’s older!


    • Hi there! Thank you so much for your timely comment. I agree with you wholeheartedly. Etiquette and chivalry seem to be antiquated. There are so many young girls who believe being “classy” is being pretty with makeup and long hair extensions. And, this is why I have created this platform.

      I would love to come and do a workshop/retreat in your area. Just let me know! Blessings to you!

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