The Royal Experience…Everyday Etiquette & Modern Day CourTESSy

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The Royal Experience–Everyday Etiquette & Modern Day CourTESSy. Book and Diary Release Coming Soon! 

Girl, we know you want to be your best you. We all do! When we think about being the best versions of ourselves, you’re probably imagining glamour, decadence, and success. But the best things in life aren’t always the extravagant ones! It’s the little things that count, and when it comes to poise and class, this holds true! I lay down a firm foundation of etiquette and courtesy, we elevate ourselves to a higher level–one that sets us apart from all others. So if you’re ready to become modern day royalty, then it’s time to go back to basics!

Introducing The Royal Experience: Everyday Etiquette and Modern Day CourTESSy, the all-in-one, new-you workbook for girls of all ages! This topical reference for manners, decorum, and life skills is a must-have for any girl looking to change her life and focus her strengths in a classy, dynamic, and well-meaning direction.

Every girl wants to look and feel beautiful. Teen girls discover beauty is not just something you ‘paint on’, but something that is developed from within. Competence in appearance and etiquette translates into strong confidence in life. Knowing how to present one’s self at school, a party, an important event, or a business setting is vitally important today. Girls will practice proper skin care, hygiene awareness, posture, nail care, communication skills, a positive attitude, writing thank you notes, managing time, and setting goals. In addition, they will learn how to build a wardrobe on a budget, how to fold and wash clothes, how to clean and cook, how to plan a successful party, phone etiquette, how to host, and set a table. The instructional end of the session’s banquet four-course meal will allow girls an opportunity to put what they have learned into practice and are definite highlights of this program. Mastery of these skills is a life process.

School:                     TESS University. Inspiring Minds. Shaping the Future. 

Course Title:           She is a LADY

Instructor:               Contessa T. Walker-Jackson


Course Textbook:   Everyday Etiquette and Modern Day CourTESSy by Contessa T. Walker –  Jackson

Course Rationale:

How do you define a “lady”? Who is she? What does she look like?

Young women today are being urged on all sides to conform to different standards of beauty and behavior. This course is designed to help young girls to discover within themselves natural grace and poise, to develop and display self-confidence and to teach them to prepare and present themselves in a manner that engenders self-respect and respect for others.

The course offers insight into the physical and social characteristics that define a woman. It is geared towards young women and seeks to help them develop habits and attitudes that will make them stand out as leaders among their peers and in their communities.

Course Objectives:

By the end of this course, participants will be able to:

  1. Identify and describe the benefits of proper hygiene and health care
  2. Demonstrate acceptable standards of cleanliness
  3. Determine and demonstrate an understanding of one’s personal style
  4. Display appropriate grooming techniques and modes of dress
  5. Demonstrate an understanding of the importance of first impressions and image
  6. Demonstrate appropriate techniques for sitting, standing, walking, and entering a room
  7. Describe and demonstrate the use of appropriate greetings and introductions in social settings
  8. Display positivity in thought, action and reaction.
  9. Speak carefully and clearly with attention to proper oratorical style
  10. Demonstrate respect, civility and courtesy in all situations and particularly in challenging ones
  11. Demonstrate traditions of etiquette in “host and “guest” capacity

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