Book Party Women’s Retreat

Are you in need of a quick get-away from a hectic lifestyle or work overload? Are you an active listener? Do you feel more comfortable expressing your thoughts and emotions in a smaller group setting?

The Book Party Retreat’s ambiance is designed for young ladies and women to open up and give access to both the light and dark corners of their deepest feelings. For many, this experience will be an awakening to the presence of God in their lives.  What better way to express your inner thoughts and feelings without being judged!

What makes The Book Party Retreat’s small intimate setting different from any other conference or a group gathering?  It’s our non-judgmental attitude and our accountability that specializes in assisting people who would like to overcome an issue, addiction, or other tendencies. As young ladies and women, we find support, comfort, and motivation from others who are struggling with similar life circumstances. It has been proven that the female gender freely shares their intimacies and experiences when the climate is conducive to communicate with one another.

The purpose of The Book Party Retreat is to have young ladies and women feel affirmed and encouraged to grow closer to Jesus. Insightful topics from Contessa Jackson’s Autobiography, My TESStimony, will be discussed; of course, not limited to other subject topics.  Each package is for two hours and is based on availability. Package pricing does not include travel outside of the Huntsville/Madison City limits.


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