My TESStimony Blog

welcome to my blogI’m so excited to share my new site with you. It’s been a really exciting process for me, and I hope you love the new look and feel of it.

The good news is that in taking this journey with me, you’ve already begun the healing process. Together, with healed hearts and a newfound sense of purpose, we can go on to inspire and motivate others. Our lives can and do make a difference. With the help of our loving God, we can decrease the struggle and hardship in our own lives and the lives of others and increase the joy!

The other new element is the interaction of guest writers and lots more inspiration interviews. I keep meeting such awesome people that I want to learn from and share with you all, so I hope you enjoy that side of things as well.



Ask Tess

Feel_good_to_be_freePART_1435530257905_20150521_172416-1Marilyn Monroe Quote

Never Give Up!

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